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August 20, 2014

Taking Education to the Next Level

Growing new LEADERS each year, while keeping families TOGETHER… Taking Education to the Next Level… Tsigereda and many of her classmates have diligently worked their way through grade school. By building a High School, students like Tsigereda are given the opportunity most may not normally have. Opportunities to continue the growth that has started to shape them into the next leaders- business leaders, political leaders, government leaders, spiritual leaders and family leaders-of Ethiopia and Africa!  “This High School is very important to city of Ziway and the people. We have spiritual education that helps students to grow spiritually and not get involved in worldly things. To those near and far that support us, I say may God be with you.” – Excerpt from letter written by Tsigereda, 9th grade Lifesong Ethiopia Student  Beyond Adoption… What started as a group of families, many adoptive parents, with hearts to serve the people of Ethiopia … Continue reading

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August 4, 2014

Creating Bright Futures Through Education {Lifesong Ethiopia}

The school year ended around the beginning of July. Each campus had its “school closing program” or “parents’ day” where the students show off what they learned during the year. There are songs, skits, readings, recitation of Bible memory verses, a spiritual message, etc. And then a highlight is the presentation of awards to the top students, the top athletes, top teachers, etc. It is always very humbling to see these bright young students, and to think how close they came not to receiving an education because of their difficult home situation, and to think how many more are out there hoping against hope to get into our schools.  The high school is coming along. We plan to have a temporary high school for our ninth graders in the Primary School building where we have a couple of available classrooms. One room will be their classroom and the other will … Continue reading

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April 3, 2014

High School Land Purchased! {Lifesong Ethiopia}

Please enjoy this update from Gary Ifft, Lifesong Ethiopia… After pursuing land for a high school here in Ziway for 2 years and 3 months, we have just received the title deed to a wonderful property within the city limits of our town. Just as with our other campuses in Ziway, it seems God was saving this property for us. We are grateful to Him for his providence in this situation.  When we first came to Ziway and took over the struggling school, second grade was the highest grade they had. The classrooms were made of mud and the walls, floors, blackboards, desks, (basically everything) was in need of upgrading and repair.  Peggy and I decided that what was needed was a new start with fresh, bright, modern buildings; dining halls to feed the students; and good, functional, sturdy furniture. We obtained two separate plots of land about three blocks … Continue reading

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January 21, 2014

Making a Difference for Ephrem {Lifesong Ethiopia}

Please enjoy this update from Lifesong Ethiopia Vision Team Member, Ann Meyer… We see again and again how the Lifesong School in Ethiopia is making a difference in the lives of children…in the life of Ephrem.  When we first met Ephrem three years ago, it was apparent that something wasn’t quite right. His tummy was distended, his arms and legs very short, some teeth were missing and his head seemed large for his little body. This little guy was in the Nursery class as the time and was quite adorable. We could not help but love him and feel sorry for him, as we wondered what medical problems he was facing. We learned that Ephrem, who was living with his grandmother, was suffering from malnutrition, which is why his appearance was different and he appeared so much younger than the other students his age. When we returned to Ethiopia this … Continue reading

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October 31, 2013

Vision Team Receives Warm Welcome // Lifesong Ethiopia

Please enjoy this update from Lifesong Ethiopia Directors, Gary & Peggy Ifft…  A lot has happened in October–so much that we hardly knew what to write about. We’ve had a lot of special visitors. But we decided to wait until the Vision Team from Lifesong for Orphans arrived toward the end of the month to see if anything newsworthy developed before we committed what to write about. Lifesong’s Vision Team is a group of very supportive individuals who have dedicated themselves to helping orphans and vulnerable children. They visit us at least annually and are a source of great encouragement, as well as great prayer supporters and fundraisers. There are always new people on the team, and most of them usually catch the vision  A couple of weeks prior to their visit, we started to notice some of our staff members acting a little unusual. Secret meetings were being held. Unfamiliar people … Continue reading

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October 23, 2013

Run for ZAT

 There is nothing so inspiring as watching people use their gifts, talents, hobbies, time, etc to benefit The Kingdom. Take this group of runners — for months they have been training for marathons that took place within the past few weeks. While training, they were also seeking sponsorship for their races to raise money for our students at the Lifesong Ethiopia schools (Ziway & Adami Tulu).  Check out these pictures to see these runners who, together, raised over $20,000!! WOW! We are so thankful and proud of this group and the extreme effort that was put forth in honor of our kids! If you are interested in donating to Lifesong Ethiopia in honor of the Run for ZAT team, please visit their fundraising page here. Chicago Marathon Kansas City Marathon & Kid’s Marathon – 75 kids ran in the Kid’s Marathon! Kids running for kids! 🙂

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August 7, 2013

Businesses Giving Back

Coming off of our Be a Light summer blog series, you may feel like you were drinking from a fire hydrant. We shared all kinds of information, resources, books and links that may have left you thinking…“Well, what does being a light look like for ME?” And that is a good question; one that need to be prayed through, thought out and discussed. It will look different for each of us and that’s ok. Sometimes in our own journey, it’s helpful to have examples that can guide us in what it looks like to be a light. With that theme still in mind, I thought it would be great to share with you one of our Orphan Advocates who is amazing example of someone who is being  light to children in need through their business. I don’t highlight him to lift him up or put his family and business on a pedestal, … Continue reading

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