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February 11, 2015

Training Up Children in God’s Truth

UKRAINE UPDATE: Training Children in God’s Truth Enjoy this update from our staff in Ukraine, serving at the Sakhnovsheena orphanage… “Our main purpose remains the same – that orphaned children know God and learn to live in this world. It is a tough world to live at and we want them to have Biblical foundation and needed skills to thrive in this world. After all, it is our calling from the Lord and we absolutely must to do it as those orphans don’t have anyone else to show the way. We visit and communicate with orphans daily, holding various activities of our CCP program. Thank God for the open door and opportunity to conduct classes with children, openly sharing about God! It is a dream our fathers and grandfathers didn’t even dreamed about. Some of the day-to-day and weekly happenings of our ministry: 1) Every Saturday, we hold lessons for children from grades 1 – 4. … Continue reading

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January 28, 2015

What Made Roman Smile Again…

This past Christmas season was extra special for a young man in Ukraine. A 19-year-old young man named Roman.  Unfortunately, at a very young age, Roman lost both of his parents. He was sent to an orphanage and later met local Christians who minister to children and young adults within the orphanage walls and after they age out.  Roman is a very curious kid by nature. He has asked many questions about life, about people, and about God. Another characteristic about Roman anyone would quickly notice is that he would rarely smile, displaying a tight-lipped frown on a somewhat gloomy face. Knowing the hardships of life he had faced, it didn’t come as too much of a surprise.  This past September, as he entered a tech school to become a builder, he was invited to attend a Bible Study at a Lifesong Transition Home. He gladly accepted and started to … Continue reading

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December 15, 2014

“I knew he was MY son!” {Ukraine Indigenous Adoption}

God has been raising up Christian families in Ukraine to help care for orphans in their own country through mentorship, foster care and adoption. For couples like Slavic & Natasha, adoption has become part of their family’s culture as they have brought 5 children into their forever family of 8 through adoption. Eight children who now feel the security and love from a mother and father.  Slavic & Natasha are not only active in caring for orphans inside of their home, but also are very involved with the Constant Christian Presence program within the orphanage walls in Izume.  This family is one of many families in Ukraine who are taking a stand to “empty the orphanages”, collectively giving over 160 children a family to call their own! Special opportunity to support indigenous adoption in Ukraine: Through this year’s Gift’s of Purpose catalog, you can help families like Slavic & Natasha make … Continue reading

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September 17, 2014

Impacting Lives in the Midst of Ukraine’s Conflict

“I liked these people. I liked the way they lived, communicated with each other, prayed and studied the Bible. Looking at them, I wanted to know more about God.”  — Viktoria, Ukraine Graduate In the midst of the challenging conflict in Ukraine, God is showing Himself faithful by working in the lives of young people like Viktoria.  Viktoria, neglected and taken to the orphanage at the age of 7, did not find comfort or security from the orphanage workers. In fact, they quickly labeled her a “problem child” and vocally predicted her life would end in the slums.  Then a team of caring Christians came and kept coming back to the orphanage to host Bible studies, craft time and English lessons. Individuals who reached out to her, invited her to their activities and taught her about Jesus Christ. Because of this relationship built over time, Viktoria chose to live in a Lifesong Transition … Continue reading

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September 1, 2014

Spiritual & Physical Harvest

Lifesong Farms-Ukraine has provided stable employment with a safe Christian environment to many of our graduates, older kids from adoptive families and church youth.  Two of our graduates, Ruslan (19) and Sveyta (19), are very active with the farm operation assisting Sergei with picking. They both have shown great work ethic, which is very inspiring for us and serve as a great example for others.  Ruslan and Sveyta both play a significant role in the harvest at our farm. It’s inspiring to see such a combination of spiritual and physical harvest. We are thankful our farm is much more than just growing, picking and selling berries. Being a part of our farm project is very affirming to our kids, building their self-worth in an environment that points them to Christ. Please join us in praying for the harvests going on at our farms in Ukraine – the berries AND the young men and women who we … Continue reading

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July 16, 2014

Emptying Orphanages in Ukraine Though Adoption

 Ukrainian Christians Follow Call to ‘Defend the Fatherless’… Meet Viktor and Oksana, a Christian couple in Ukraine who have grown their family through adoption. With over 100,000 children living in state-run orphanages, the need is great.  While working as a teacher in an orphanage  for 5 years, Oksana felt God preparing her heart and opening her eyes to the beauty of adoption. Unable to have biological children, Viktor and Oksana began pursuing the adoption of an 8 month old boy named, Kolya. They later found out that Kolya had two older sisters. In Ukraine, it is not possible to adopt just one out of a sibling group, all must be adopted together. Facing a situation they weren’t expecting or ready for, Viktor and Oksana prayed and considered the possibility of adopting all three. Two weeks later, they committed to bring all Dasha, Vlada and Kolya into their forever family. Adoption … Continue reading

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May 14, 2014

Orphan Graduate to Orphan Advocate

As you saw in Dima’s video above, orphans in Ukraine often grow up without strong, positive role models speaking into their lives. Our staff in Ukraine is working to change that in several orphanages through their Constant Christian Presence (CCP) program. The staff and volunteers serve over 1000 children, through mentorship, camps, transition homes and business opportunities through Lifesong Farms-Ukraine.  Dima and many other graduates who grew up with CCP are now giving back and speaking into the lives of children that are in the orphanages today. As Dima has gone from Orphanage Graduate to Orphan Advocate, he has recognized the opportunity that Christ has given him to speak into the lives of these kids and share the Gospel with them! Will you join us in helping impact a life like Dima’s? Meet Koyla*, an 11-year-old boy who is being ministered to by our staff while he lives within the … Continue reading

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