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October 17, 2014

“The EXACT amount we needed” {Family Friday}

We wanted to write and share our story as well as thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the grant that you provided to our family. We run a ministry full time and because of that, did not have the resources to adopt. However, we felt the Lord calling us to adopt and because He had taught us to make “every decision in light of HIS WILL and NOT the financial barrier”, we decided to step out in faith, trusting He would make a way somehow. A fews year before, we had adopted, but at that time my husband made a good salary and we were able to pay for our adoption in full. I would share with people who would comment that if it weren’t for the financial barrier they would adopt about how money shouldn’t be a reason not to adopt because “God would provide”. Though I … Continue reading

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August 15, 2014

Our Donor’s Dollars Were Doubled! {Family Friday}

Read along this week to another encouraging Family Friday. Thomas and Nikki share how through Lifesong and many other funding avenues, God made a way for them to bring their daughter Hope into their forever family.  We were blessed to receive a matching grant of $2,000 for our adoption from Lifesong. We ended up having about $3,000 donated to us!.  That, along with other grants, gifts, and a home refinance, helped us pay for all the expenses occurred with adopting our little Hope.  We were very pleased with the process and appreciated our Family Account Manager’s willingness to answer questions and be available.  She was very prompt in her replies and walked us through the procedures without any issues.  When we adopt again next year, we hope that Lifesong will choose to partner with us again! The matching grant was a stimulus to several people who donated.  Knowing that their … Continue reading

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August 8, 2014

Heartbreaking & Beautiful Experience {Family Friday}

Welcome to another Family Friday! This week, listen in to two-time adoptive parents, Jeff & Catherine, share about the second adoption journey to their daughter Hadley from China. What looks impossible and overwhelmly to us as humans can always be possible in the eyes of our Heavenly Father. Thankful that God made a way for Hadley to become part of Jeff & Catherine’s forever family! The Lord gave us a heart for the orphan in 2010 when we adopted our son, Hayes Mikhail, from Moscow, Russia. Lifesong came alongside us even during his adoption to help bring him home. His addition to our lives enlarged our faith and broke our hearts for the orphan crisis. We began praying about what more we could do to demonstrate God’s love to orphans in need. In early 2012, as we geared up for a mission trip opportunity to visit special needs orphans in … Continue reading

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August 1, 2014

God’s Fingerprints {Family Friday}

Read along in this week’s Family Friday as Matt & Sally share part of their adoption journey and their experience they had with our adoption funding. If you are a family who also finds the financial aspect of adoption “daunting”, but sure to check out a previous post title, “Adoption: 5 Funding Ideas that Work!”.  As we entered this faith journey of adoption the financial aspect was daunting. Like most, we didn’t have lots of extra money saved to toss toward the adoption costs. Lifesong has been an answer to prayer! They have played such a crucial role in our journey toward meeting and receiving our son! It was such a gift to have our adoption agency get in touch with Lifesong several times when we owed our next fee! Jane, our Family Account Manager, was such a refreshing woman to be in contact with! I knew she really cared … Continue reading

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July 7, 2014

Reaching Outside Your Walls

Impacting families outside your church’s walls… Read along as a beautiful testimony is shared from an adoptive family who was given an Outside the Walls matching grant from a church in their community. Please read along to their thankful testimony…   We are so thankful for the Outside the Walls grant that was provided to us through Johnson Ferry Baptist Church Adoption Fund. We attend a small church that is just around 5 years old. Though we have many adoptive families at our church, we have not yet been able to establish an adoption fund.  We are so thankful that Johnson Ferry recognizes we are all the body of Christ and used their Adoption Fund resources to go ‘outside of their walls’ to help us bring our sweet little guy home. Through their matching grant, we were able to raise a large portion of adoptions costs that totaled over $40,000. We did not … Continue reading

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July 4, 2014

Anxiety of Waiting vs Joy of Giving {Family Friday}

So much of the adoption journey is waiting, waiting, waiting for the next step, the next phone call, the next email. Enjoy this week’s Family Friday as adoptive couple, Steve & Amy, talked about making the most of the waiting period by serving others. Specifically for them, through a Both Hands project, a service project that raises money for your adoption while working on a widow’s home. Read along… We got a matching grant from Lifesong and did a Both Hands project. We were amazed at how God used this to provide for our adoption costs! Our total from Both Hands and the matching grant covered almost half of our total adoption expenses! We were blown away at how God used our friends and family to rally around us and encourage us through helping with our Both Hands project and giving so generously to help us bring Caleb home! When … Continue reading

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May 16, 2014

Wild Adventure of Adoption {Family Friday}

Thanks for joining us for another sneak peak into the wild adventure of adoption. This week, listen in as Jason & Jennifer share how God called and help make adoption possible for their family. Special thanks to the Johnson Ferry Baptist Adoption Fund for helping this family fund their adoption through a matching grant! Enjoy their testimony… Jason and I have been leading mission trips to Ecuador for a couple years now through our church. We mainly do work in orphanages on these trips. On one of our trips we met the sweetest little baby boy. I (Jennifer) instantly fell in love with him. I wanted to bring him home!!  Jason was more hesitant. We already had 4 children (2 bio and 2 adopted from China) and at this stage of life things are pretty busy. Adding another child was not yet in the picture, especially a child with some pretty major … Continue reading

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