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February 14, 2014

God Provides MORE Than We Need {Family Friday}

Listen in this week as Jeff and Amanda share how God provided MORE than they even needed to bring home Ajay and Smita from India. They put hands and feet on James 1:27 and with the help of Both Hands Foundation, completed a work project for a local widow while they raised funds for their adoption. To say that God blessed their efforts would be an understatement!  We were approved for the Both Hands Project and decided we were going to shoot big!  We found a big project, mailed off just over 1000 letters (based on those we printed and distributed, but not included many other sources of distribution from out of state friends and family) plus about 300+ emails to all of my business contacts.  Amanda worked in our widows home about 4 hours a day, 3-4 days a week, for over three weeks.  She filled full a 40 yard … Continue reading

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January 24, 2014

Whatever It Takes {Family Friday}

This week’s Family Friday isn’t something you’ll be able to skim through, but I encourage you to find the time to sit down and hear Joe & Jenni’s adoption journey. Everytime something seemed impossible, God made a way for them to bring home their two sons from Columbia. Praise God with us as we rejoice in another forever family, one that was not done without much sacrifice, prayer, energy, heartache and miracles! We feel honored to be just a small part of their journey by providing support them financially. Please, enjoy their journey, and bless God with us for the FAITHFULNESS He has shown to them… Due to some Colombian government issues, we would have to be in Colombia for approximately six weeks instead of four to pick up our boys…and that we had to leave in two weeks from the time we got that info!  We had managed to … Continue reading

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October 4, 2013

“Nate fits perfectly in our family!” // Family Friday

One less orphan. One more Family Friday. Please join me in walking through Chad & Kristy’s adoption journey to their son Nathaniel from China. We are always thankful to play a small role by helping families financially. Our Adoption Fund Partner, Church at Brook Hills, awarded this family with a matching grant. Enjoy their story… Lifesong was such a blessing to our family in allowing us to get the funds we needed to bring our precious son home. We were certain the Lord called us to this child and we knew He would provide the money needed to get our son home. As much as we wanted this child to be part of our home we wanted even more to be in line with God’s plan for us no matter what. We are thankful the Lord provided the funds needed and thankful for the opportunity to use the matching grant … Continue reading

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August 23, 2013

“The hardest part was simply waiting…” // Family Friday

Excited to share with you a BEAUTIFUL account from Joel & Carly, adoptive family and matching grant recipient. I invite you to take in their personal testimony of the adoption of their son Benjamin…    We took different paths to the choice to adopt.  Carly grew up with a love for adoption – especially the thought of international adoption. Joel grew up without the thought of it on his radar.  There were a few adoptions in his family history and church home, but it was nit part of his world in daily way. We had some early challenges with fertility, but were blessed in 2009 with the healthy birth of our daughter.  We always counted her as a gift from God, but over the next few years we realized what a special gift she was, as we weren’t able to carry another pregnancy to term.  By God’s good providence, it … Continue reading

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August 9, 2013

Two Less Orphans // Family Friday

Excited to share the testimony of Paul and Angela who brought home two children from Democratic Republic of Congo–Malachi & Mercy. It was a joy for us to be just a small part of their journey, providing them with a matching grant from the James Fund to assist in them with the financial aspect of their adoption progress. Please listen in… One “God-thing” in our journey happened when I was at a conference with dozens of pastors from all over the country, I ended up sitting at a table with another gentleman who mentioned that he was adopting. Through our conversation, we discovered that we were adopting from the same small orphanage of only 18 children. This truly was a God‐thing as we were able to walk through the process together and encourage one another through our adoption journey. We were so blessed when Lifesong decided to partner with us … Continue reading

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June 7, 2013

“Experience we look on with great joy.” // Family Friday

Welcome to another edition of Family Friday! Please enjoy this week’s testimony from Adam and Liz, Lifesong adoptive family of Judah from Democratic Republic of the Congo. We rejoice with them as they share how God miraculously provided for their adoption through their family and friends. With God, ANYTHING is possible! Our experience with Lifesong was one of complete joy. The matching grant we received (and the donations associated with this catalyst effort) was the largest fundraising effort the Lord provided us with. We are grateful to Lifesong for helping us finance our adoption and for giving us a Christian financial support system. From the financial accountability to use the funds ethically to the courteous and helpful staff, our experience was one that we look on with great joy.  For us, the most helpful aspect was the matching grant itself. We had several friends who had adopted before and received matching grants. When … Continue reading

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