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August 13, 2014

Spend Orphan Sunday Caring for Foster Children

In the next few months leading up to Orphan Sunday, we will be sharing with you some easy-to-follow Orphan Sunday event plans to share with your church that highlights needs and brings awareness to how your church can get involved in caring for orphans. For more Partnership Packages, visit  Today’s partnership packages features reaching out to your local foster care community… Pack Journey Bags for Foster Children Use Orphan Sunday to teach and encourage your church of the needs in your local Foster Care System and assemble Journey Bags for children who enter into the system. What the Local Host Does… Highlight what orphan care looks like in America through a Foster Care panel and watch a video like this Check out Heart Gallery to see if you can display a gallery of children in your community. Organize Journey Bag packing prior to Orphan Sunday asking people to buy and bring various items (list provided). … Continue reading

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