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June 11, 2014

Adoption: 3 Ways to Prepare for the Journey

Adoption is a journey.  Like any journey, it’s appropriate to think ahead, to plan and to prepare for what is come. Along the way we’ll realize that it isn’t all what we may have thought or expected. There are unplanned events and struggles, along with unexpected joys and surprises. This month, I hope you’ll join us as we walk down a few different paths of the adoption journey and discuss some key resources as you look ahead in preparation of bringing a child into your forever family. Many of you may have already walked this journey. Some of seen friends or close family struggle through the path. Maybe you are just starting to “pack your bag” for your first adoption. No matter the traveler or the progress, here are a few helpful tidbits for anyone who is considering adoption (for the first, second or third time!). 3 Ways to Prepare … Continue reading

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