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June 26, 2017

See a Family Recently Reunited! | Bolivia Update

Sometimes loving children as Christ loves them means absorbing our own hurts in order to create less hurt for them in the long run.  Specifically, here at Fundación Esperanza–also known as Lifesong Bolivia–a key element in our work is identifying children who could possibly be reunited with a biological family member. On one hand, we love these kids and want them to stay in our care. On the other hand– We know that living in a loving family environment is always better than living in an orphanage. Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to see 2 sibling groups leave our care to be reunited with their families. And though our hearts ache for this loss of daily, regular contact with these kids whom we love, we are simultaneously thrilled that these children will know the joy of growing up with their family. Meet one family Most recently, we were involved with the reunification of 5 siblings with … Continue reading

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June 10, 2015

Reuniting Paolo with Family

Enjoy this update from Fundación Esperanza in Bolivia… “The very first baby to enter our care at Fundación Esperanza was a little boy named Paolo. When he was just a few days old, Paolo was abandoned at the hospital. Our social worker was able to find his mother and began a series of interviews with her and the extended family.  At the time of Paolo’s birth, his mother and father were separated and out of desperation his mother felt like she had no choice but to leave him at the hospital. After some time passed, Paolo’s mother and father reunited and began the process of regaining guardianship. They both underwent psychological therapy as well as parenting classes in hopes to have Paolo come home into their care.  Upon completion, the judge ruled in favor of Paolo’s reunification with his parents. We continued following up with Paolo and his parents and were … Continue reading

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