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May 18, 2015

One Child’s Extraordinary Return {Zambia Update}

 Please enjoy this update from Mitzi McBride from Lifesong Zambia… Our growth and improvement as a program is all about the lives of children, and what we are trying to accomplish in those lives.  Today, I had a great picture of our vision…”Bringing Joy and Purpose” to life. Paul is a little boy who is living with a sickness since birth. He has been faithfully on medications for his lifetime. Unfortunately, due to some of the side effects of the medications, he suffered a stroke, experienced extreme dehydration, and refused to eat. It was as if his desire for life had left him. Things started turning around when a medical mission team came and started administering IV fluids at home for a few days. It was as if Paul just needed to see someone cared about him and wanted him in this world.  After that, his stroke symptoms worsened and … Continue reading

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April 22, 2015

Back to School After Ebola Crisis!

Please enjoy this update from Liberia…  “The bell rings and the children come running to stand in line, say the pledge and start the school day. An ordinary event that takes place all over the world…but one that has not been so ordinary after all in West Africa. After months of being closed as part of efforts to stop the spread of Ebola, schools in Liberia are up and running again, including ours! Classrooms have been painted, the children have new uniforms, shoes and backpacks and teachers are once again in front of their students. The opening of schools is a huge indicator of a new spirit of hope as well as a sense of life slowly returning to ‘normal” as the Ebola crisis eases.   Students and teachers alike have had to adjust to being back in the classroom after so many months. The first period tests were given … Continue reading

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January 26, 2015

New Year, New Beginnings {Liberia Update}

  Please enjoy this update from Liberia… “The air is filled with excitement and energy at both our homes in Liberia this month.  We are deeply thankful the Ebola situation has greatly improved, and that none of our children or staff were affected.  How we praise God for his mercy and grace!    SCHOOL – We are happy that schools all across Liberia will be opening on February 3rd for the first time since summer break!  Our new uniforms are ready, and teachers and staff are busy making preparations.  It will be good to get back to our regular classroom sessions, as well as welcome our friends from the community back to campus. With the opening of school, we will also be able to fill the bookshelves in our new libraries at both homes.   GARDENS  – All of the kids at Marshall have been helping on our agricultural project. We … Continue reading

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October 20, 2014

First Look at Student Life Homes!

Last October, the dream of Student Life Homes was born. Now, a year later, after fundraising, construction, and faithful advocacy, our freshman class gets a sneak-peak on the progress of the building that soon be their home! WATCH below… This residential program will help provide a safe environment for students to thrive. The homes you see in the video will house some of our freshman class students, with the hope of eventually ramping up to 13 homes for 125 students.  Student Life Homes will serve as a safe haven for some of our students who live in the compound. The compound can be a place of violence, crime, or abuse, not giving our kids an environment to thrive not only in their education but their relationship and growth in Christ. “When I was living in the compound, my life was not good.  My mom was drinking and when she would … Continue reading

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August 21, 2014

Zambia: Serving Even When School’s Out

One of the advantages of year round schooling is that the kids have a one month break three times a year.  As a school, it’s our goal to make sure the learning doesn’t stop and the life lessons continue being taught.   This term break we had two amazing events for our students to engage in. The first was a community outreach in partnership with a church in Texas and Mission Regan.  Our kids served right along side of a medical team, not administering prescriptions or pulling teeth, but translating and praying for each and every patient. FBC McKinney and Mission Regan were able to give high quality medical care, some life saving, to over 1,700 people in the Garneton Community – all for free (pictured above).  The second life lesson that our students learned was while they were at J-Life Camp. We had 44 students, and 2 AMAZING TEACHERS, … Continue reading

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August 18, 2014

New Students, Same Gospel {Lifesong India}

  This is a very busy time for our six children’s homes in India. Summer vacation has ended and we are now in the process of enrolling 2014-2015 class of children. Of the 580 children we serve, about 100 will be joining us for the first time. They will replace those who have moved on after having completed their education through high school or college.   At least 90% of our children will come from poor, untouchable-caste families with a heritage of idol worship. They come to us looking for food, clothing and a secular education. While in our care, they will receive all of that but will also receive twice-daily lessons from the WORD. In time, many will accept Jesus as the ONE TRUE GOD and will be baptized. We are convinced that it is the “prayers of the saints” that will cause the hearts to become open to the … Continue reading

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February 25, 2014

Teacher’s Influence Changes a Life {Lifesong Zambia}

 Please enjoy this update from Shane McBride, Lifesong Zambia Director… Last month, Lifesong School opened it’s doors to the new 2014 school year. We brought in 28 of the cutest 5 year olds and about 10 older children (mostly double orphans). Due to life circumstances, these older kids have not had constant schooling. Teacher Osward is tasked with filling in the years of educational gaps and giving these children their last chance in the education system. Teacher Osward hopes, over the course of 9 months of instruction, he can build into and reach their hearts and minds while unlocking their learning potential and changing their lives. Teacher Osward was recently told a story about one of our older staff, Teacher Majer…  Last year, Teacher Majer had a difficult job. When he started the school year, he had 49 students in his class. WOW, 49 kids! How can one connect with … Continue reading

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