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October 19, 2015

An Antidote for Holiday Consumerism

The holiday season is lurking around the corner, and with it, distraction is ready to knock on the door of each of our homes via toy catalogues and Christmas lists. As a parent–if you are anything like me–you are constantly looking for ways to celebrate Christ at home during the holiday season. Oh sure, I’ll put a nativity scene in our living room, and my husband will discuss Luke 2 with our kids during family worship. We’ll sing hymns together and remind each other (more often than we can count) that Jesus is the reason for the season. But is that enough? Between all the program practices and Christmas celebrations, is it possible for us to be too distracted by Christmas that we don’t have time to honor Christ? Furthermore, how do we battle the materialism and the idolatry that threaten to claim the entire month of December? One tool … Continue reading

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October 2, 2015

Adoption: Is It Worth It?

As believers, we are people who love our extraordinary and faithful God. In 2012, we started our adoption journey following God’s lead. We set out on a path to wait for, pray for, long for and pursue a child we had never met. We knew this path of adoption would change our lives as the way we knew it. By following what God has called our family to, He has taught us to be more like Him. Our journey to Lucy was filled with a lot of waiting. God by His grace and faithfulness, taught us to be at peace while waiting; we experienced doubt over knowing if finances would be available when needed – God taught us to trust His provisions; we felt fear and worry over so many unknowns – God’s grace allowed us to give our fear to Him and solely trust in Him and His goodness. … Continue reading

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September 18, 2015

A Thanksgiving Story

The topic of adoption first came up during our engagement, as it was always something I (Molly) felt a calling towards. We began talking and praying about adoption when our youngest biological child was one year old, and it was neat to see how the Lord had been working in Gabe’s heart. We asked our children what they thought of the idea, and our oldest son said if there is a child who doesn’t have a family, then we should share ours. In November of 2011, we began the paperwork to adopt a little girl from Haiti. After that, the Lord provided just the right agency, a home study agency, and the time that was needed to fill out all of the paperwork. We were blessed to have enough funds in our savings account to begin the adoption process, but knew we did not have the full amount to complete … Continue reading

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August 18, 2015

Pass It On! {Guatemala Update}

Praising God for this update from our friends in Guatemala … 17- year-old Jessica, mother of 3-year-old Ruby, has grown leaps and bounds in her faith since coming to Village of Hope Guatemala. Jessica is heading up a stove building project in a nearby village providing stoves with quality ventilation for impoverished families. These stoves will give a greater quality of life to the families and cut back on the respiratory issues many families have with open fires in their home. Here is a kitchen that will receive a new stove in September–   It is exciting to see Jessica, who came to Village of Hope a year and a half ago, own her faith and choose to do something to help her country. Jessica knows from experience what it feels like to be a child and go to bed hungry each night–so she desires to help reach people both … Continue reading

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August 17, 2015

Riches Found on a Construction Site!

Please enjoy this update from our friends at Construction of Hope: Man’ and ‘Nuen’ are 2 Cambodian teens who were brought to live with their parents on a construction site in Thailand. About a year ago, Man was one of a few children from the construction site who used to come to an English program we held at a local Thai church in the area on Saturdays. While we were taking Man back to the construction site after class one day, Man asked us if he could have some books. We asked him what kind of books, and he replied that any kind of book would do, because he just wanted to learn more.  After discussing possibilities with the Thai church, the pastor offered to hold Thai language classes at the church on Monday afternoons. Man and 3 other children started coming to the church to learn Thai, and, due to the students’ eagerness … Continue reading

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July 15, 2015

Wait Gain: 5 Truths for Seasons of Waiting

Waiting. It doesn’t sound hard, and yet it can be excruciating. Though the word implies sitting still, waiting requires more action than virtually any other assignment from God. Whether you are waiting on adoption or fostering news, or whether you are waiting for something else entirely, here are 5 truths for this season in your life: 1. God wants us to pray. If the direct command to do so (1 Thessalonians 5:17) isn’t enough, the Bible bears a conveyor belt of illustrations that show prayer to be essential. Abraham prayed for Sodom. Moses interceded for Israel. Elijah entreated for prophets. Nehemiah requested for Jerusalem. Paul implored for Philippi. And each prayer was key in accomplishing God’s will. Our mission: Ask! And ask again! 2. God keeps His promises. This is no small achievement since the Bible holds nearly 7,500 of them. What are some of these guarantees? The Lord will give strength to His people (Psalm 29:11). There is … Continue reading

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