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January 25, 2017

Come With Us on a Vision Team Trip!

Katie approached her husband, Ken, with the words: “We need to do something more.” Katie had just finished reading a book about a missionary to Uganda who tirelessly gave herself to reach children and widows with the love of Christ. What impressed Katie most about the story was that whenever the missionary was commended for doing such noble work, she would quickly clarify that it was not unique to her–that all of us are commanded to love the widows and the orphans. Ken and Katie Hauck have always enjoyed serving widows and children when given the chance, but the couple’s interests and passions are different, so serving side-by-side was a challenge. In Katie’s words, “I want to be hands-on. I want to be in there helping children, where Ken is an entrepreneur. He wants to use his skills and abilities to create businesses and to raise funds.” Finding an organization where this husband/wife duo could both use the gifts God … Continue reading

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January 9, 2017

A Powerful Story of 2 Children: OpenArms Haiti

Come with us to Haiti. Haiti is considered the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country. More than 90,000 children lack education, medical care, and nutrition. Worse still, many children have been orphaned. Meet Olgens and Easlan. “We live here,” says Olgens. “This is Haiti. We will show you.” Observe the unspoiled landscapes and the busy market where locals barter in tiny stalls for daily needs, transporting brightly woven baskets on their heads. Visit the school in Tityanen where at least 40 students squeeze into a classroom lacking books or technology. “We had a big earthquake. There were more people before the earthquake.” —Easlan Olgens and Easlan live in Bercy. They occupy a tiny tent and fill their stomachs with mud cookies to stave off the hunger pains. Bercy’s only hospital was closed after the last earthquake. It now stands as a shell of what once existed. Olgens and Easlan represent God’s goodness. The children of Haiti are resilient–even amid the devastation. … Continue reading

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February 11, 2014

Answered Prayers On Vision Trip {Lifesong India}

  Please enjoy this update from Bob Stoll as he shares of his recent trip to Lifesong India, What can we say other than, Praise God! Thank you Jesus!  We just wish our many Lifesong India friends could have experienced the wonderful events of our Vision Trip. We can’t begin to tell you how perfect this visit has been. Our prayers were answered and by God’s grace seven folks including Siromani and me were safely transported to India from Texas, Arizona, Illinois and Ohio. Our purpose was to minister separately to hundreds of adults and children. The focus was basic Bible theology. Our audiences were at our Jyothi Nivas childrens home and at our three-day gospel convention.They were all attentive and eager to learn. Six of our Jyothi Nivas girls who had accepted Jesus as the one true God were baptized and at least that many young adults were baptized … Continue reading

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October 31, 2013

Vision Team Receives Warm Welcome // Lifesong Ethiopia

Please enjoy this update from Lifesong Ethiopia Directors, Gary & Peggy Ifft…  A lot has happened in October–so much that we hardly knew what to write about. We’ve had a lot of special visitors. But we decided to wait until the Vision Team from Lifesong for Orphans arrived toward the end of the month to see if anything newsworthy developed before we committed what to write about. Lifesong’s Vision Team is a group of very supportive individuals who have dedicated themselves to helping orphans and vulnerable children. They visit us at least annually and are a source of great encouragement, as well as great prayer supporters and fundraisers. There are always new people on the team, and most of them usually catch the vision  A couple of weeks prior to their visit, we started to notice some of our staff members acting a little unusual. Secret meetings were being held. Unfamiliar people … Continue reading

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