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November 9, 2016

Redeeming Infertility | National Adoption Month

The life of a Christian is spent in constant redemption. Just like we redeem a coupon at the grocery store, trading in a tattered little piece of paper we ripped out of a newspaper or magazine for 55¢ off a can of green beans, we trade in worthless, tattered bits of our life for something valuable. That cut-out little piece of paper is worth nothing in our hands–it clutters the bottom of our purse, it gets stuck in a coupon file until it’s too late and out of date–or it may remain unclipped in a stack of papers. I usually stick it with a magnet to the fridge where it mocks me and makes me feel guilty for not being more organized. It often remains there until I can’t handle its scornful face any longer, convince myself it isn’t worth the trouble, and throw it away. I’m just not any … Continue reading

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November 2, 2016

7 (crazy encouraging) Things to Say to Adopting Families

A quick Google search will yield hundreds of examples of what NOT to say to an adopting family. Here are 7 things TO say: 1. “Congratulations!” It almost seems too simple, but genuine excitement is golden to adopting families. You may have legitimate (even gracious, thought-provoking) concerns, but sharing them can be unhelpful. Rest confidently in the knowledge that God is working on the family’s behalf and will not allow an adoption to advance that is not part of His plan. If you can find it in your heart to be excited, pursue it. 2. “God is good!” Regardless of what circumstances led to the decision to adopt–including infertility, miscarriage, cancer–focus on God’s good gift of a child via adoption. Though it is tempting to genuinely apologize–especially if the path leading to the adoption has been difficult–it gives the impression you believe the news is bad or sad. Celebrate the positive outcome of … Continue reading

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September 30, 2016

A Plea to Keep Waiting | Family Friday

Meet Mark and Anne. In her words … My husband and I first felt God leading us toward adoption in 2010. We adopted our son from Zambia in 2011. About six months after we were home, we both started feeling like adoption might again be a possibility. We were both hesitant to start the process again. Finances and choosing a country left us with big questions. In June 2012, we both had peace and clarity that, yes, we should adopt again–from Uganda–one or two girls (though we were open to boys as well, but felt God saying girl). Had we known our journey would look like it did, we doubt we would have walked down the path. Had we known that the 3.5 months we spent in Zambia completing an independent adoption was only the warm-up for the real thing, we would have turned the other way. We look at our daughter’s … Continue reading

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August 26, 2016

Adoption: A Game of Perseverance

In 2001, two 21-year-old missionaries took turns holding a precious little girl who had been orphaned as a result of an epidemic in Kenya. Although we could not physically take this little lady home with us, what we took home spiritually was more significant. Simultaneously birthed within both our hearts was the dream of adoption. At age 25, we were married at last, and when it came time to pursue children of our own, adoption was most certainly an option. In the spring of 2013, we officially began the long, unromantic, flat-out hard work of becoming parents by adoption. When our case worker first met with us, she questioned where we were going to get the finances needed to adopt. Without flinching, we told her that was not a concern. God had called us to adopt, and He would finance it. We immediately sent out our grant and fundraiser applications. … Continue reading

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July 8, 2016

A Word to Waiting Families | Family Friday

We have had adoption in our DNA since before we met or married. As singles, Peter and I had the desire in our hearts to, yes, have biological children if the Lord provided in that way, but also to grow our future family through adoption! And when we met and married this was a major confirmation that we were made to find each other! Our biological children, Lily and Liam, have grown up from their earliest memories hearing mom and dad talking about how we would one day add a brother or sister to our family that didn’t come from mom and dad but from somewhere far away. To see this become a reality through God’s grace and sovereignty and care is one of the wildest most incredible answers to prayer we’ve ever received. While adopting isn’t easy, and requires more time and money and headspace than you think you … Continue reading

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September 11, 2015

[Insert YOUR Name] {Family Friday}

Every Friday we like to highlight a family who has recently brought their child home via adoption. This week we thought we’d highlight your story. Here’s what we know for sure– God maintains your cause around the clock. Because God is both omniscient and omnipresent, you and your future child can never stray outside His thoughts. God never needs to be reminded, prompted, nudged, or nagged (though He wants to hear from you in prayer). He knows your story–including the details that make no sense to you right now–and longs for you to see things from His perspective. He hasn’t forgotten about your adoption. He is more aware of it than you are. If you could see what God sees—from His view and through His eyes—you would not fear tomorrow. You would know with certainty that the sovereign God of Heaven rules perfectly every day and in every decision—even when … Continue reading

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July 15, 2015

Wait Gain: 5 Truths for Seasons of Waiting

Waiting. It doesn’t sound hard, and yet it can be excruciating. Though the word implies sitting still, waiting requires more action than virtually any other assignment from God. Whether you are waiting on adoption or fostering news, or whether you are waiting for something else entirely, here are 5 truths for this season in your life: 1. God wants us to pray. If the direct command to do so (1 Thessalonians 5:17) isn’t enough, the Bible bears a conveyor belt of illustrations that show prayer to be essential. Abraham prayed for Sodom. Moses interceded for Israel. Elijah entreated for prophets. Nehemiah requested for Jerusalem. Paul implored for Philippi. And each prayer was key in accomplishing God’s will. Our mission: Ask! And ask again! 2. God keeps His promises. This is no small achievement since the Bible holds nearly 7,500 of them. What are some of these guarantees? The Lord will give strength to His people (Psalm 29:11). There is … Continue reading

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