Caring and providing for orphans and vulnerable children in an orphanage setting while offering Christian education and community development.

At a Glance

Lifesong for Orphans is pleased to work with Liberian nationals who are passionate about rescuing and caring for destitute and abandoned children.
502 Children Served
43 In-Country Staff
2009 Year established

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There are so many ways you can help us serve orphans in Liberia. your financial support and prayers help make our mission possible!

Our Mission

The Master’s Home of Champions provides a loving and safe home to children who have been orphaned, destitute or abandoned.  Our Liberian staff is made up of Christians who understand the dynamics of their culture and the challenges of living in poverty.  The desire of the entire staff is to change lives and raise up “champions”.

We are caring for more than 90 children at our three locations. Our homes at Rehab and Marshall have schools on site, serving our children as well as those in the surrounding community.  These schools provide a Christian education for nursery through 8th grade students while using the Liberian public school curriculum.  Upper level students attend class at several Christian high schools in the area.  In 2015, responding to the aftermath of the Ebola crisis, New Hope Children’s Home was established, taking in ten children who are were orphaned as a result of Ebola.  Several of their caregivers are themselves Ebola survivors.

Our Liberian staff is made up of Christians who understand the dynamics of their culture and the challenges of living in poverty. It is the desire of the entire staff to change lives and raise up "champions."

IMPACT of Lifesong Liberia:

  • Rescuing abandoned and orphaned children
  • Meeting basic needs: food, shelter, clothing, medical care
  • Offering hope in Christ: teaching biblical truth
  • Involving children in worship, drama and music opportunities
  • Providing a quality Christian education
  • Teaching life and vocational skills
  • Reaching out to the community through schools, churches and access to clean water

 Current Projects:

  • Implementing an agricultural project at Marshall
  • Completing library facilities at Rehab and Marshall
  • Developing vocational curriculum in agriculture, computer skills, cosmetology and carpentry

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