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Host a Coffee Conversation


Coffee shops tend to create an environment where people connect through conversations over a warm cup of joe or a refreshing iced latte. Recreate this atmosphere by hosting an intentional Coffee Conversation in your home, Sunday school class or small group. Share about the needs and opportunities to care for orphans with provided discussion questions while sipping on Gobena Coffee (fresh-roasted gourmet coffee; 100% of profits going towards helping orphans).

How to Host a Coffee Conversation

  1. Complete form below to receive Coffee Conversation Toolkit with step-by-step instructions on how to host an event, along with video links, discussion questions and promotional materials.
  2. Purchase Gobena Coffee for your event. Visit Gobena
  3. Use provided materials to promote event.
  4. Host event using some or all of the resources provided in toolkit.

Host a Coffee Conversation