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100% of your gift will provide Christ-centered care for children in need and help Christian families adopt.

Families like the Joneses (pictured above) were able to bring their daughter, Liana, home because of generous supporters like you. Liana is one of over 7,000 children since 2002 who have a loving, Christian family today via adoption with the help of Lifesong matching grants and fundraising support.

Additionally, by giving to Lifesong, you have supported nearly 7,000 children in 12 countries through holistic, Gospel-centered care and education.

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Jones Family Adoption Story

“When you donate to [Lifesong], you join families like ours whose only obstacle in obeying God and bringing children home is funding.”
- Jack and Lindsay Jones

Years ago, Jack and Lindsay became aware of the plight of the orphan and the significant need for families to welcome children home. So they determined to adopt 'someday' — when their children were grown or when they could save enough money to fund the process. Funding, after all, is the number one reason more families don’t adopt and more children don’t grow up with a family to call their own. The more they learned about children in need, the more convinced they became that God wanted them to pursue adoption sooner than 'someday.'

And so — with strong conviction in their hearts and very little money in their pockets — they took the first step of faith. Their long journey was filled with obstacles, but the family of God pulled together to reach a child in need. In January 2016, God graciously allowed their family to travel to China and bring little Liana home.

Charity's Story

“My teachers & classmates showed me the love of Christ.”
- Charity

Charity was only 6 years old when she was left to live with an older sister who already had a family. Statistically, girls in Zambia are likely to become pregnant or get married in their teen years, and Charity was on track to become another statistic. So when she heard about Lifesong School and its reputation for strong academics, she wanted to attend, hoping it would lead to a brighter future.

She arrived on her first day of school in 2009 without shoes, books, or supplies, but teachers and classmates faithfully loved and provided for her. She heard the Gospel daily, and when she transitioned to high school, she was invited to live in the Student Life home where she was continually pointed back to Christ. In December 2017, Charity will be one of the first to graduate from Lifesong School. Last year, God’s loving pursuit of her heart resulted in Charity trusting Him for salvation.

Zhenya's Story

“The Christian atmosphere & attitude of the house parents...led me to make a decision for Christ.”
- Zhenya

Zhenya was five years old when his father committed suicide. He was six when he and his younger brother were removed from the home by social services and taken to the baby house due to neglect. He would live in three different state-run institutions for the next nine years. 70–80% of young adults aging out of orphanages in Ukraine will experience crime, prostitution, suicide, or drug overdose within two years, and Zhenya was on track to become a statistic.

After graduating from the orphanage, Zhenya started technical school and was invited to live in a Lifesong transition home for graduates. He accepted and moved into his first-ever Christian home where he was discipled, cared for, and taught how a Christian family lives. In 2013, Zhenya trusted Christ as his Savior. He was baptized and joined the local church. Today—with your love and support—he is a leader at the Lifesong Ukraine Farm, where he is an example to younger orphan graduates.

Transforming a Community in Haiti

“When I was in high school, I didn’t have the chance to be in a school with electricity, Internet, or extracurriculars. But Lifesong provides all these things for students in the community.”
- Mayco

Fewer than three out of 10 children in Haiti receive an education. And even harder to comprehend, most children live under poverty’s oppression and know nothing of the Gospel. This past September an incredible thing happened in the small village of Bercy, Haiti. On a muggy morning, only days after a hurricane passed by the island, dozens of uniform-clad students poured through the open doors of a brand new Christian school.

Lifesong Christian School is in its first year as an educational facility teaching 103 students, 25 of which live in Student Life homes. Years of prayer, fundraising, and construction have finally come to fruition, and the school is now beginning to train the next generation of leaders in Haiti. So a new story begins, of which you are an important part. Your giving creates a quality, Christian education for children who otherwise cannot have one. When you give, the hope of the Gospel reaches students in a country where the love of Christ is desperately needed.

Our Children Will

  • Not want for food, clothing, medical care, or shelter
  • Be taught the Gospel and how to live as followers of Jesus Christ
  • Receive a quality education to provide a foundation for their future
  • Experience continued love and support as they transition into adult living

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