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July 25, 2016

Announcing an Opportunity to Impact Children!

Big Hike Blog Header 2

Announcing an opportunity to help bring children home. 5 months ago one man stepped out on an adventure to hike the Appalachian Trail–a 5-million-step journey from Georgia to Maine–to raise awareness and funds for adoption. As is customary for hikers, he took a nickname “Homeward” to illustrate his goal–bringing fatherless children into loving families. He has roughly one month and 300 miles to go, and he’s inviting YOU to join his cause. This week we are encouraging you–a faithful adoption advocate–to support the big hike for adoption in the following 3 ways. Take a walk. Grab your family or invite your friends. Walk any distance in any location. While on the walk take some time to pray for and/or discuss adoption and waiting children. Talk to someone who was adopted or is adopting, or talk to the Lord. Share a photo on your social media. We’d love to see a photo of all … Continue reading

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July 22, 2016

How a Village Raises Funds: 3 Resources | Family Friday


Our adoption journey to bring Shambo and Kemal home began less than 6 months after we arrived home with our first adopted son, also from Ethiopia. We had absolutely no idea how we were going to fund the adoption costs, but we knew that if God was calling us to it, He would lead us through it. When we were able to travel to Ethiopia less than a year after seeing their photo for the first time, we were amazed by how God weaved everything together. We spent nearly 3 ½ weeks in Ethiopia, as a family of 8, completing the process to bring Shambo and Kemal home. From the first moment we met them at the Care Center, we knew that God had put everything in place for that moment. It was an instant connection. Now, home almost 2 years, we can’t imagine life without them in our family. We are amazed that … Continue reading

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July 15, 2016

Breakdowns, Breakthroughs, and Joy | Family Friday

beach edit

Adoption is a journey, but the steps and the destination are known by your Heavenly Father Who will sovereignly lead you to the child of His choosing in His time. Joe and Leah tell their story– It was a long, rough road, and when we started we had no idea. Shortly after receiving and accepting the referral for our daughter, we received several email from the Department of Justice (and a bunch of other frantic, hopeful adoptive parents). The head of our agency was indicted and the whole operation was being shut down. What about our little girl?! Who would fight for her if we didn’t? After weeks of praying, emailing, and phone calls, we were blessed to be able to transfer her, and us, to another agency. Our case was handled with extra scrutiny and after 2 years of fighting and waiting … having break-throughs and break-downs, we were able to … Continue reading

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July 13, 2016

Your Invitation to a Graduation | Ethiopia


Lifesong schools exist to prepare students–mentally and spiritually–to launch into the world. So it would seem appropriate at the end of a school year to reflect on the goodness of God. At the end of the school year, each of the three Lifesong school campuses in Ethiopia has its own program, where the parents are invited, skits are performed, poems and essays are read, speeches are given, and the families hear a report on the school year that has just concluded. Awards are then given to the top students, the best clubs, the winning sports teams, and the honored staff members. And finally, the students go to their classrooms to receive their report cards. According to Gary, Misgana Ministies & Lifesong Ethiopia Director– It’s a really big deal here in rural Ethiopia and we are happy to welcome large crowds! The staff and parents always appreciate the festivities. At the Ziway Primary school one of the boys, Million, received the award … Continue reading

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July 12, 2016

How Camp Is Changing Lives in Ukraine

ukraine_twitter 1

Endless laughter, sunkissed faces, lifelong friends… With summer officially underway, camps here in the U.S. and around the world are in full swing. At Lifesong Ukraine, staff and children are in the midst of their busy camp season. These 5- to 7-day camps include studying the Bible, playing games, hiking outdoors, and singing around the campfire. Would you pray with us that God would be pleased to bless this summer camp season abundantly? During the past 5 years, over 5,000 campers have attended one of Lifesong Ukraine’s summer camps. This staggering statistic has provided unprecedented opportunity to invest in the lives of these orphaned and vulnerable children in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. “It was my dream come true; I never felt so great in any of the camps before.” –Yarik (18)  In part because of relationships established or strengthened during the summer camp season, 84% of the children in orphanages served by Lifesong Ukraine continue on to … Continue reading

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July 8, 2016

A Word to Waiting Families | Family Friday


We have had adoption in our DNA since before we met or married. As singles, Peter and I had the desire in our hearts to, yes, have biological children if the Lord provided in that way, but also to grow our future family through adoption! And when we met and married this was a major confirmation that we were made to find each other! Our biological children, Lily and Liam, have grown up from their earliest memories hearing mom and dad talking about how we would one day add a brother or sister to our family that didn’t come from mom and dad but from somewhere far away. To see this become a reality through God’s grace and sovereignty and care is one of the wildest most incredible answers to prayer we’ve ever received. While adopting isn’t easy, and requires more time and money and headspace than you think you … Continue reading

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July 1, 2016

Perfect Timing | Family Friday

mom and tie

Our adoption was a little nuts. We had been waiting for about 6 months to be matched with a domestic birthmom, expecting the process to go pretty slowly once we were chosen. Amazingly, our adoption began and ended VERY quickly. We had some money saved, but not enough to fund our adoption in such a short time frame. A friend of mine had told me about Lifesong, so I sent an email to them asking if they might be able to help. We ended up qualifying for a matching grant and raised a total of about 10,000.00 with our online mySTORY account and the matching grant. God provided PERFECTLY for us, financially and emotionally. Our interactions with Lifesong were positive, encouraging, and extremely fruitful. Several times, I was able to email our lawyer bills, and Lifesong had a check in the mail that same day. It was such a help … Continue reading

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