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March 30, 2015

This Trip Has Forever Changed Our Lives


We’re so thankful to have advocates with hearts to go and see the work being done around the world on behalf of God’s heart for the fatherless and vulnerable children. We were honored to have Advocate Katie Hauck and her husband, Ken, on a recent vision trip to Honduras earlier this month. Please read along as she shares her personal reflections from their trip… I have always considered myself a good person. I take my family to church, I tithe, I volunteer in my community, I have been on a few mission trips, and I send money every month to a couple of my favorite charities.  While I certainly don’t consider myself better than anyone else, until my most recent trip to Honduras I believed I probably did more than the average person in terms of giving.  A few months ago I felt God urging me to give and do … Continue reading

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March 27, 2015

5 Reasons You Can’t Miss CAFO2015


We’re now to the end of our month-long series anticipating the Christian Alliance for Orphans’ CAFO2015 Summit coming up April 30-May 1. We hope you’ve enjoyed our guest bloggers and pray you will be able to attend CAFO2015 this year! Also, please don’t miss out on the awesome Book Bundle GIVEAWAY below!  Thanks for following along with us this month! We’ve heard stories and testimonials from various individuals on what CAFO Summit has been to their families, churches and ministry. To finish out this month long series, let’s end strong with the big picture highlights on why every orphan, adoption and foster care advocate should try to attend. The top 5 reasons you can’t miss CAFO2015: Speakers - One of the most stirring aspects of the CAFO Summit is hearing from key leaders sharing on relevant and encouraging topics of global orphan care, adoption, foster care and what we as the Church are … Continue reading

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March 25, 2015

IMMEDIATE NEED: 300 Beds for Girl’s Dorm

Buy a Bed-01

The dorms at Tree of Life in Honduras have become crowded and uncomfortable due to the continued influx of students in need.  Book bags and other belongings fill the tight walkways, leaving no place for studying or reading.  Thanks to generous donors, new dorms are currently under construction to provide better housing for the students who are being empowered by education and the gospel of Christ at Plan Escalon School.  As you saw in the video, there are still needs to be met! 300 beds are needed for the girls dorm – beds that will provide space to study, sleep and secure their belongings. Learn more>> Please join us in meeting this very practical need for our students in Honduras to make the dorms move-in ready!  As always, 100% of your donation received will go straight to the need. Tree of Life Ministries is a partner of Lifesong for Orphans in Honduras.

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March 23, 2015

From One Momma to Another…

Image from Reed Yackley

We’re thankful to welcome back guest blogger and adoptive mom, Nicole Schmidt. Please read along today as she shares her heart for her fellow adoptive mama… Sometimes adoptive parenting, and more specifically mothering can be a lonely road.  A week ago I had the privilege of attending a conference that was strictly for adoptive moms. Each mother was unique, and had a different story of adoption to tell—it was beautiful.  Standing in this huge room, singing worship songs with 450 mothers– I saw faces of women that I had never met, but I knew them. I could instantly recognize myself in their faces.  The mom dreaming of a child far away, imagining a new chapter in her life. The waiting mom who has this fire in her belly for a child she hasn’t even met yet.  I know you. The weary mom, fighting back tears and looking for rest. The … Continue reading

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March 20, 2015

Why Church Ministries Should be at CAFO2015


Welcome back to our a month-long series anticipating the Christian Alliance for Orphans’ CAFO2015 Summit coming up April 30-May 1. We’ve asked several individuals to speak on their experiences and the impact seen through God’s amazing grace on this special event. We invite you to follow along each Friday of March (& don’t miss out on the awesome Book Bundle GIVEAWAY below!). Read along today as church ministry leader, Steve Klein, talks about the benefits of church ministries to be present at CAFO2015 Summit… “Just like adoption or foster care, church ministries need support, resources and encouragement from those who have walked the road before them.  As a church ministry leader of our adoption, foster & orphan care ministry for the last seven years, we have grown to know how important it is to have others to lean on, give you advice, provide direction and be able to share ideas … Continue reading

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March 18, 2015

Giving HOPE in Ebola’s Aftermath

New Hope Home Liberia

“We have a new family and a new home and we are now back in school!”-Famatta, child from New Hope Children’s Home  Ebola. The deadly virus that prowled West Africa last year, dominating the news and our newsfeeds. In Liberia alone, taking the lives of over 4,000, and leaving in it’s wake sons and daughters to be orphaned and alone.   Meet three of those children: Famatta (14), Olbed (13) and Delight (8), son and daughters of George and Oretha Kanwah, whose lives were taken by the Ebola virus.  In response to this catastrophe, our staff in Liberia has established New Hope Children’s Home, a home to not only provide shelter for 10 children orphaned by the Ebola virus, but also to give caregiver jobs to Ebola survivors. Fametta graciously shares the devastation they have saw and felt, and of the hope that is slowly shining through… My father got … Continue reading

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March 16, 2015

Ensuring the Forgotten are Found


CAMBODIA UPDATE: Please enjoy this update from Construction of Hope in Cambodia… “Just over a year and a half ago, God rescued Li Hou and brought her into the refuge of the church. Shortly afterwards, Pastor Somnang and a team from the church visited Li Hou’s village and came in contact with many of her extended family members and friends. (See rescue-more-children for the full story on our website.) Earlier this month, Pastor Somnang and a team from the church were visiting families in the nearby slum community behind the church and came across one of Li Hou’s cousins, Khjong, from Takeo Province who had recently been moved to Phnom Penh. Khjong’s mother had died from Tuberculosis, and Khjong was living outside on a mat without shelter with some extended relatives Pastor Somnang and Om Sara talked with Khjong’s uncles and invited her to come and live in the church … Continue reading

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