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December 7, 2016

Video: Your Gift of Purpose Helps One Child


Your gift this Christmas will change the life of a child. By giving to Gifts of Purpose Where Most Needed, you are changing the course of history for an orphaned child who needs the love of Christ. With gifts starting at $19, everyone can impact a child this Christmas. Did you know you can give a gift in honor? Every amount given through Gifts of Purpose gets a downloadable card. Every donation is matched with a gift to Where Most Needed, up to $1,000,000, until December 31st! Thank you for making a difference today. GIVE TODAY Featured Gifts Adoption Matching Grants GIVE $250 Education in Ethiopia GIVE $19 Family Support in Haiti GIVE $400 Where Most Needed GIVE $500 Save

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November 30, 2016

An Open Letter to Adult Adoptees

adult adoptee

You were adopted? So was I. I’m the girl on the right with the puff sleeves and the too-short bangs (circa 1980s). When I was in third grade one of the teachers at my school casually suggested I might be Canadian. (Her proof? I had blonde hair and blue eyes and was adopted just outside Detroit.) So naturally–given the reliability of that evidence–I quit saying the Pledge to the American flag and I quit singing the National Anthem. July 4th was dead to me. Instead, I learned everything I could about our great neighbor to the north. I even bought maple leaf earrings. You can imagine my disappointment when I received a copy of my birth certificate in junior high and it said I was born in Pontiac, Michigan. Fast-forward to July of this year. At the conclusion of a nerve-racking first phone call with a kindhearted biological sister I have … Continue reading

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November 22, 2016

4 Perfect Christmas Gifts! | Give a Gift in Honor

Gifts of Purpose

Don’t miss checking out the Gifts of Purpose catalog! This catalog is not just ideas for Christmas gifts, but it is a way you can provide lifesaving care to orphaned children who need our help. Think of the difference you can make simply by giving a gift to a family member or friend. VIEW CATALOG How does it work? By giving Gifts of Purpose, you are providing lifesaving care or building a forever home that changes the course of history for an orphaned child who needs the love of Christ. Thank you for making a difference. Did you know you can give a gift in honor? Every gift given through Gifts of Purpose gets a downloadable card. Use it to let someone know you gave a special gift in his or her name. And every donation is matched up to $1,000,000 with a gift to Lifesong (Where Most Needed) until December 31st! … Continue reading

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November 16, 2016

Your Invitation to Prevent Orphans | Ann Voskamp


On May 6, 2015, I called an adoption agency for the very first time. Somehow my family and I believed that true religion is about caring for the widow and the orphan, and we wanted to break out of whatever box we were in. And somehow we wanted to be about the upside down kingdom come. Our little one has been home from China with us since April 22nd of this year. She was found at less than 4 pounds Found in the long grass beside a river flowing south. Found at maybe 4 days old. In April, I stood in China at that grass finding place, sat at the police station where she was brought when she was found, stood in the orphanage where she slept with 800 other abandoned children. And I ached for coming late. I have traveled the world over with Compassion International and have seen the most … Continue reading

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November 11, 2016

Today Is the Day for Exciting News! | Gifts of Purpose


Gifts of Purpose 2016 is here! Because of your generous donations from last year’s Gifts of Purpose, girls like Amise and Altonna (pictured) found help in crisis. After losing everything in a fire, the girls–along with their parents and 3 siblings–traveled by foot, stopping “by chance” to rest at Lifesong Haiti where they received food and shelter. Now their dad is employed by Lifesong Haiti and is leading the family to love Jesus wholeheartedly. YOU made this story possible. Thank you. We believe that with your continued help, hundreds of stories like this one can receive joyful, God-glorifying endings. GIVE A GIFT TODAY See the Gifts of Purpose catalog! This year’s catalog is filled to the brim with stories and photos of precious children who need your help. Would you take a look? By giving a gift today, you bring joy and purpose to orphans and vulnerable children around the world. In many cases, … Continue reading

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November 9, 2016

Redeeming Infertility | National Adoption Month


The life of a Christian is spent in constant redemption. Just like we redeem a coupon at the grocery store, trading in a tattered little piece of paper we ripped out of a newspaper or magazine for 55¢ off a can of green beans, we trade in worthless, tattered bits of our life for something valuable. That cut-out little piece of paper is worth nothing in our hands–it clutters the bottom of our purse, it gets stuck in a coupon file until it’s too late and out of date–or it may remain unclipped in a stack of papers. I usually stick it with a magnet to the fridge where it mocks me and makes me feel guilty for not being more organized. It often remains there until I can’t handle its scornful face any longer, convince myself it isn’t worth the trouble, and throw it away. I’m just not any … Continue reading

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November 4, 2016

How to Bring a Church Family Together (hint: adopt)


I (Ken) am a pastor and have seen so many amazing things the Lord has done in the lives of others. In all my years of following Jesus and bringing others to a relationship with Him, my wife Sarah and I have never seen so much joy from others to support us with prayers, gifts, help, and love. People in our lives were so full of joy and excitement to see an orphan be brought to a loving family. We also saw their hearts transformed by the reality of the orphan crisis that many did not even know existed. Our adoption of Everly created awareness of this reality and also provided a happy ending to the story. Now she is home. God called us to bring her home. When God uses God’s people and God’s people are willing to listen to the call God puts into our hearts, amazing things can … Continue reading

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