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November 25, 2015

2 Minutes to a Better Christmas

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 A couple years ago at Christmas time, Andy and Brooke Feucht were challenged with the question, “Whose birthday is it really?” For most of us, our birthdays represent a time when our loved ones sacrifice to give us gifts representing their love for us. But what do we sacrifice for Christ at Christmas? The question prompted the Feuchts to re-vamp their family holiday traditions. Instead of giving elaborate gifts to each other, they now give to Christ. “Lifesong Gifts of Purpose catalog gives us the chance to put something more tangible to our giving. It’s easy to just write a check and give money, but to know what the money is specifically going to is a neat way to make it real for us and for our kids.” Andy and Brooke use the Gifts of Purpose catalog to give gifts to Jesus at Christmas. And the bonus? It has become a sweet family tradition. … Continue reading

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November 20, 2015

7 Ways You Can Encourage an Adopting Family in Your Church


As Christians we often hear that not everyone is called to adopt, but we’re all called to do something. And while few of us would disagree with that sentiment, even fewer of us know what the do something really entails. Here are 7 ways you can encourage an adopting family in your church (as suggested by families who have adopted): 1. Refrain from making assumptions. It’s entirely possible the adopting family in your church isn’t infertile, for instance, and it’s statistically probable the adopted child was dearly loved by her birth mother. While adoption creates many questions and leaves many uncertainties, one of the kindest things we can do to support the adopting families in our church or community is to love them without entertaining (or voicing) unhelpful assumptions. 2. Treat children equally. Especially in adopting families or church classrooms where both biological and adopted children are present, it is helpful to treat the children … Continue reading

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November 15, 2015

Small Seeds and Green Roofs {Zambia Update}


 Please enjoy this update from our team in Zambia … “Boss, can I have this piece of plastic?”  ”Sir, are you going to use that cardboard box?”   I can tell rainy season is right around the corner.  Every year, the ladies on the farm start patching up their roofs for rainy season.  And every year, I give them what the farm can spare so they can stay dry. In the 4-5 months of rainy season, our area of Zambia will get OVER 3 FEET of rain. We need it to get through the other months of hot, dry weather.  But, it presents some pretty big challenges for our workers. In addition to the natural  increase in malaria in rainy season, they deal with wet houses. Their roofs are a collection of tin sheets, asbestos tiles, cardboard, plastic, feed bags, or whatever might shed water. Often, the kids go to bed wet and cold. This year, … Continue reading

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November 13, 2015

3 Side Effects of Being Adopted: My Story


As a little girl–two days before Christmas–I received my forever family via adoption. I’ve spent the last 30+ years of my life joking with my parents that I was the best Christmas gift they ever got, though in reality, I consider it entirely the other way around. Let me say this. I know adoption isn’t always a positive experience for children or families. Many adoptees carry heavy burdens of grief and loss for decades after their adoption is final. I have no desire to minimize that reality. For a few years during my adolescence, I experienced some of the anxiety and insecurity associated with adoption. (Though I’m not entirely sure the anxiety and insecurity wasn’t at least in part the result of being an adolescent.) But I have largely escaped the darker side of adoption due to these 3 side effects of my story– 1. I value the fact that I … Continue reading

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November 9, 2015

“… But Now I Have No Fear”


Enjoy this update from our friends in Cambodia … In July 2013, Construction of Hope had just begun sponsoring the first child, Nam Aoy, to live under the care of Pastor Somnang and the church. It was also during this summer that we led a mission team of students from our international school in Bangkok to lead a Bible school for children in the local slum community and to help with some much-needed renovations to the church in Phnom Penh. One afternoon as we were cleaning up building supplies to make room for the afternoon’s activities with the children, Nam Aoy came back from playing with the children in the local community with a little girl, who we came to know as Li Hou, trailing behind her. Li Hou’s face was badly bruised, hair matted against her face, and looked at us with pleading but yet cautious eyes. Nam Aoy … Continue reading

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November 6, 2015

10 Things Birth Mothers Want Adoptive Parents to Know


I often told my son’s adoptive mother how much I loved her and was thankful she was a part of my life. But, like many things I’ve told her over the years, Kathy would already know. Back in 1985 I chose open adoption for my son. Being a birthmother has changed my life forever, and I know that becoming an adoptive parent changed Kathy’s too. We’ve traveled the road of adoption together, with respect and honesty. We’ve shared our hopes, our fears and our dreams for the boy we both love. However, often adoptive parents do not get the chance to build this type of relationship with their child’s birthmother. While most domestic adoptions are open, most children adopted from other countries are not. This disconnect from a child’s beginnings can make it difficult for adoptive parents to provide answers their child will need as they grow and explore the … Continue reading

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November 5, 2015

Welcome to National Adoption Month!

family photo

Here at Lifesong we believe every month is the right time to spread awareness for adoption, foster care, and orphan care, but it’s nice to see that our nation recognizes November as National Adoption Month! So we want to honor this event by highlighting unscripted voices from those in the trenches. Each Friday this month, we will publish a blog post written by someone uniquely involved in adoption. We’ll hear from a birth mother, an adoptee, and an adoptive parent, as well as learn practical strategies the church can employ to encourage those involved in adoption. Do you have something to say? We’d love to hear you weigh in on the conversation. Feel free to comment here on the blog or find us on Facebook or Twitter. Also, please consider contributing to our matching grants for adoptive families, helping give a child the life-changing gift of forever family. National Adoption Month is … Continue reading

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