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May 27, 2016

The Last 2 Seats | Family Friday

family friday

When we started the adoption process we really had no idea where all the money was coming from. It was one of my personal reasons for not considering it for a long time. The cost was nearly an entire year’s worth of salary. We are on the low income end of the wage spectrum, actually, but we have always been blessed with plenty. Plenty of food on the table, plenty of time to love each other. The Lord has blessed us abundantly, and when Paul and I felt drawn to adopt, we knew we already had His blessing in the area of finances too. In every step along the way, He has proven Himself faithful to provide all we need financially, emotionally, and physically. We brought four-year-old Asher home in April of 2015, nearly a year ago. It has been an incredible year. This little boy is so full of … Continue reading

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May 23, 2016

Best Thing About Being a Dad

Meet the Andersons

Very few life experiences mimic the gospel as closely as adoption. The Andersons know first-hand that, in adoption–as in salvation–God sovereignly interrupts the logical order of things as He lovingly orchestrates a new and chosen path for His child. Adoption is not without its pain, but done correctly, it is not without its blessings. Recent Barna research revealed that 77% of practicing Christians believe God’s people have a personal responsibility to adopt. While this statistic is encouraging, current trends also show a 35-year-low on international adoptions. The insecure national economy plus complicated adoption processes may contribute to this decline. Despite the numbers–and due, in large part, to your faithful and enthusiastic support of the fatherless–Lifesong continues to see churches and families embracing adoption for the good of the vulnerable and the glory of God. Over 5,000 families have received adoption funding support, and since 2011, at least 95 churches have partnered with Lifesong to help … Continue reading

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May 23, 2016

It’s Time to Celebrate!


Outside the Walls has met a new milestone! As many as 153 million orphans world-wide are trapped in a cycle of hopelessness. Adoptive families all over the world wish to bring fatherless children into their family, however, finances often pose great obstacles or even cause good families to walk away from pursuing children in need. Unfortunately, churches don’t always have the funds necessary to help adopting families in their church. The needs are great and the resources are limited. Out of this need, Outside the Walls, a ministry of Lifesong’s church fund partners was born. The goal? —Reach more children together than each church is able to do alone.  Rich Metcalfe, Program Director at Lifesong, oversees church and fund partner relationships– Over the past 5 years we have seen our church and adoption fund partners grow in their willingness to reach out to give financial assistance to families from Outside the Walls of their … Continue reading

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May 20, 2016

On Tragedy and Trust | Family Friday


The Lord has been extremely kind to us within our adoption experience. He has led us every step of the way as we walked in faith. Adoption has always been in the back of our minds as a “Plan B,” but the Lord chose for it to be Plan A for us. He has providentially closed my womb for the past 2 years as we have desired to be parents. We were pursuing help with our fertility issues when we heard of a precious story of a birth mom who had experienced great personal tragedy yet desired to give all she could to this child — life. We had to make a decision within a week if we wanted to submit our ‘family book’ to the birth mom to choose parents. After much prayer, seeking wise counsel, and processing — we decided to walk in faith and believe that if … Continue reading

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May 18, 2016

Hope Changes Everything | Guatemala Update


Enjoy this update from our Guatemala team– Gabriella was just 4 years old when she remembers learning that her father was sick. “Well,” she thought, “as long as he’s stuck in bed, he won’t be able to hit me.” Gabriella had no idea how this sickness would affect her for the rest of her life. Shortly after her father got sick, her family ran out of money and little Gabriella was sent to the streets to work, selling candies and packs of cigarettes–or sometimes stealing–to survive. It was cold and dark, and she had to run into alleys or hide in gutters to protect herself from abusers, because she couldn’t return until she had enough money. Her father’s condition continued to worsen, and she noticed her mother, too, was looking weak. When Gabriella was 7, her father passed away. Curled up in the fetal position next to the casket, Gabriella … Continue reading

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May 13, 2016

$10,000 in Pocket Change

12 M photo 8

For many years, my wife and I have been talking about adopting a little girl from China. God finally put it on our hearts to begin the process in 2013 and we started to research the details of the adoption process. With an estimated total of $35-40,000 in expenses, we were blessed to discover that organizations like Lifesong exist to help families with fundraising. We were able to receive grants through other organizations and fund a lot of the adoption with personal savings. But two months before we were to bring our daughter home, we still had $10,000 left in expenses. Through Lifesong, our friends and family were able to contribute to our adoption and help us raise the last $10,000 we needed! Our friends and family were happy to play a part in bringing our daughter home. We are so thankful we were able to raise funds through Lifesong, … Continue reading

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May 11, 2016

5 Things to Take Away from CAFO2016


The yearly CAFO Summit has become the national hub for what Christianity Today called, “the burgeoning Christian orphan care movement.” This year’s conference–like those before it–was a success, drawing hundreds of foster, adoptive, and orphan advocates from around the world. Together with pastors and leaders we explored relevant topics and prayed to the Father of the fatherless on behalf of the forgotten. Here are 5 statements from #CAFO2016 that resonated with listeners– 1. “Why are we here? It is not guilt or duty or even idealism that draws us here. We love because He first loved us.” (Jedd Medefind). This same truth that motivated us to attend CAFO Summit should motivate us to love and serve the fatherless every day. We do it because He did it. 2. “It isn’t the grandeur or the girth. It’s the growing, stretching, and reaching under the surface. To persevere, the Sequoia grows down, not up.” (Jedd Medefind). Each … Continue reading

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