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April 19, 2017

We Needed Our Church | Mission Moment

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  Andy and Abby Huette know first-hand the powerful impact of being loved and supported by their church family during and after an adoption. In 2008 the couple joined a short-term mission team to Lifesong School in Zambia where God broke their hearts for the orphan. Leaving the children of Zambia to return home was hard, and Andy and Abby felt confident they would someday pursue adoption. How It All Began Abby was ready to start the adoption process when their only child was 9 months old. And while Andy–a pastor–felt it was critically important to lead his church family by example to love the fatherless, he thought maybe adoption was something they should pursue later–when they didn’t already have a new baby in the home. But God had different plans. While sitting at a McDonald’s one morning, Andy began reading in Deuteronomy while listening to music through his earbuds. He arrived at Deuteronomy 6:6-7: And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall … Continue reading

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October 20, 2016

How to Change the Future for an Orphan | Mission Moment


Your support helps change the lives of orphans around the world. Whether through adoption funding or orphan care, lives are being transformed by the Gospel. Here is one story of a life changed by love. MEET RUSLANA Ruslana is a soft-spoken young lady with big dreams and a bright future, but her story hasn’t always been so hopeful. Ruslana’s mother wanted to abort her before deciding, instead, to place her in a Ukrainian orphanage. Ruslana grew up without the love of a family. In her words, “Though I was surrounded by many people, I was lonely.” When Ruslana was in fifth grade, volunteers from a local church began visiting the orphanage weekly. They built relationships with the children–including Ruslana–sharing the good news of the gospel that breaks the cycle of hopelessness. The volunteers taught the children on Sundays and hosted camps during the summer. When Ruslana was 14 years old, her life completely changed– I found out that the … Continue reading

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May 23, 2016

Best Thing About Being a Dad


Very few life experiences mimic the gospel as closely as adoption. The Andersons know first-hand that, in adoption–as in salvation–God sovereignly interrupts the logical order of things as He lovingly orchestrates a new and chosen path for His child. Adoption is not without its pain, but done correctly, it is not without its blessings. Recent Barna research revealed that 77% of practicing Christians believe God’s people have a personal responsibility to adopt. While this statistic is encouraging, current trends also show a 35-year-low on international adoptions. The insecure national economy plus complicated adoption processes may contribute to this decline. Despite the numbers–and due, in large part, to your faithful and enthusiastic support of the fatherless–Lifesong continues to see churches and families embracing adoption for the good of the vulnerable and the glory of God. Over 5,000 families have received adoption funding support, and since 2011, at least 95 churches have partnered with Lifesong to help … Continue reading

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April 15, 2015

Raising Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

15-4 MM email

“Slowly [the boys] are beginning to realize they’re getting the best…and to also give the best out of their lives.”–John & Mwila, houseparents at Zambia’s Student Life Homes    Since January, three Student Life Homes in Zambia are providing a safe environment for 39 students in the freshman class. This move gives them a place where they can thrive in a healthy, family environment away from the temptations and negative influences found in the compound where they were raised.  As expected, it’s been a bit of an adjustment for the 11 boys in John & Mwila’s home. Learning to function as a family with roles, rules, and certain expectations has taken some time to get used to for a group of boys who are accustomed to living on their own, answering only to themselves.  As you heard in their testimony, John & Mwila have not only met hardships along the way, … Continue reading

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October 6, 2014

4 Ways to Engage in Orphan Sunday

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“Orphan Sunday isn’t about charity; it’s about the mission of Christ. I pray that every Gospel-transformed congregation will observe Orphan Sunday, calling all Christians to our mandate to image Christ by caring for his little brothers and sisters, the fatherless of the world.” — Dr. Russell Moore, author Adopted for Life On November 2nd, Christians around the globe will stand together with one goal: to rouse believers with God’s call to care for the orphan and what our role is in response. Does your family, small group or church have plans for Orphan Sunday? There are so many ways that we can honor orphans collectively as the Body of Christ on Orphan Sunday. If you don’t have plans or haven’t heard of an event near you, here are 4 ways you can engage in this year’s Orphan Sunday: Advent for Orphans Calendar — see explanation below. Orphan’s Table — share … Continue reading

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August 20, 2014

Taking Education to the Next Level

14-08 MM email

Growing new LEADERS each year, while keeping families TOGETHER… Taking Education to the Next Level… Tsigereda and many of her classmates have diligently worked their way through grade school. By building a High School, students like Tsigereda are given the opportunity most may not normally have. Opportunities to continue the growth that has started to shape them into the next leaders- business leaders, political leaders, government leaders, spiritual leaders and family leaders-of Ethiopia and Africa!  “This High School is very important to city of Ziway and the people. We have spiritual education that helps students to grow spiritually and not get involved in worldly things. To those near and far that support us, I say may God be with you.” – Excerpt from letter written by Tsigereda, 9th grade Lifesong Ethiopia Student  Beyond Adoption… What started as a group of families, many adoptive parents, with hearts to serve the people of Ethiopia … Continue reading

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July 16, 2014

Emptying Orphanages in Ukraine Though Adoption

14-07 MM email

 Ukrainian Christians Follow Call to ‘Defend the Fatherless’… Meet Viktor and Oksana, a Christian couple in Ukraine who have grown their family through adoption. With over 100,000 children living in state-run orphanages, the need is great.  While working as a teacher in an orphanage  for 5 years, Oksana felt God preparing her heart and opening her eyes to the beauty of adoption. Unable to have biological children, Viktor and Oksana began pursuing the adoption of an 8 month old boy named, Kolya. They later found out that Kolya had two older sisters. In Ukraine, it is not possible to adopt just one out of a sibling group, all must be adopted together. Facing a situation they weren’t expecting or ready for, Viktor and Oksana prayed and considered the possibility of adopting all three. Two weeks later, they committed to bring all Dasha, Vlada and Kolya into their forever family. Adoption … Continue reading

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