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Adoption Without Borders

What is Adoption Without Borders? (Indigenous Adoption)

140 adoptions

An intentional program to link like-minded families and churches in the USA with Christian family’s in the Ukraine who are seeking to adopt.

The Facts

The Challenge

The body of Christ is equipped to help bring children into these Christian families, regardless of their geographical location or church affiliation. Would you be willing to help reach more children together, than each church is able to alone?


Because of the IMPACT of AwoB, Pevel & Tatyana welcomed two more girls into their forever family. Read their story!

The Impact

The system is already in place and working well. Over the past 4 years, Denis Poshelock and his Lifesong Ukraine team have already assisted over 35 couples in adopting (or life-long fostering) over 140 orphans. Excellent pre and post-adoption training and support is in place and positive relationships with State run orphanages, local government, the courts and local churches in the Izume, Kharkov and Zap regions of the Ukraine are well established.

The Need

Funding to assist with these needs:

indigenous adoption

How can you get involved?

 Make a Donation

Contact Rich Metcalfe – sharing your desire to be involved.

Share with your church. Download AwoB Flyer



2013 Summer National Adoption Conference 

At the end of August, Lifesong Ukraine held it’s semi-annual National adoption conference at the camp location. About 20 families attended, this time they came with their children, 62 total! Lots of work to host such an event but definitely – joyful! There were two separate events in one – Empower to Connect Training for adults/parents (both adoptive and potential) and horses, games, crafts for the little ones.


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